A change is as good as a rest.. (unless there is the pitter-patter of tiny feet!)

2018 is a big one for the Glazes and the Gordons.

The Glaze-Gordons have welcomed in a gorgeous new baby boy to the family – Freddie!


Frederick Glaze Gordon (he is set on to take over empire already!!) is Becs & Mr Gordon’s first child and he arrived into the world in New York on the 17th April. We are all so excited to meet him but Becs is not back in the U.K until July so it seems an awfully long time away for me, but Mum and Dad have already been over to the U.S to start the babysitting duties so Becs could get back on to sampling the gins for our next event’s gin hour!!

I moved the horses a few weeks ago now, it is bloody fantastic to have them at home and makes finding time to ride so much easier. Gordon decided to injure himself royally just before the move by treading on himself in the field, damaging his coronary band and splitting his hoof so he was on box rest when we moved (NOT ideal) but has since been let loose back out with his friends. He is back in ridden work now due to some extra treatment from our wonderful farrier.


We are all loving our new home, the views are spectacular and the boys are enjoying having some relaxing hacks in wonderful countryside. Luckily, there is a menage just a mile away that I am able to use to help them remember that they can't just go in straight lines all the time!


The next couple of months will be spent getting the house in order, hacking out to explore our new surroundings and preparing some routes for Becs & Freddie’s arrival in July! The horses need to be fit too as Becs has crazily signed up for a simulated hunt ride – she won’t have ridden for 9 months by then?!

2018 is also set to be a super exciting year for Glaze & Gordon too, we have some exciting news on events and Becs is working hard on some product developments which we are thrilled about. We will start the announcements soon, I promise!

Hope you all enjoying the wonderfully sunny days we are having, and fingers crossed for some more!




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