Glaze & Gordon is a British born equestrian and country collection that offers something a little bit different.

We offer well-designed, stylish products that we carefully source from trusted artisans and boutique brands across the Great Britain, Europe and the Americas. Some of which are relatively unknown, or, hard to find in the UK.

Our aim with G&G, is to provide high quality, smart items at a fair price packaged up with top-notch service – sounds simple but, in our experience, hard to find.


Our Inspiration

Glaze & Gordon was born as we (Becs & Kate, sisters) struggled to find good quality tack for horses, Zag and Gordon and stylish, hardwearing country and equestrian wear for ourselves. Too many equestrian goodies are style over substance.. or a distinct lack of style…

During our research online’ (basically buying our horses and ourselves presents) we discovered we had to order from a few different stores to get all the items desired, spending more in postage and quite often being told that items were actually out of stock.

We also tried buying at horse shows and country events and saved money to spend on essential items but we just couldn't seem to find anything to fit our criteria and found most stands were selling the same things.


Looking further afield

Becs moved to New York with her husband 7 years ago. She found that the range and quality of products across the pond is unbelievable and their technology of fabrics and design is much more developed.

The huge realm of resources in the U.S. and South America means Becs has all that is needed to create a line of bespoke products specifically for us, as well as bringing the hard-to-find U.S. brand to a forefront in the U.K. Having said all this, the best of British is nothing to be scoffed at and there are some wonderful boutique brands in the U.K. and Europe that we also want to showcase to create an irresistible amalgamation of equestrian and country items.

What we can’t find we have made using first-class artisans and our “Glaze & Gordon” branded items are just the right balance of style with a good quality finish.


Countryside Through And Through

We have grown up in the countryside with horses always being a major part in our lives. Both of our parents are involved, Mum had her own horses and Dad helping his Grandad with the work horses on his farm, and still comes out hacking with us now (we can’t get Mum back on board no matter how hard we try!).

We always joke that Dad is like a Pony Club father as he has a huge input into our horses, only his daughters are both in their 30s (one much closer to 40, ahem). Much of our childhood was spent outdoors with horses on the family farm, helping feed the lambs or going beating for the shoot and now we have both taken up a keen interest in drag hunting.

Becs comes back frequently to visit family and have some much-needed time in the saddle. Kate is lucky enough to still be in Shropshire in a countryside cottage, but does have the (unpaid!) job of groom to Zag and Gordon all year round when Becs is in NY! 


Your passion is our passion

Becs and Kate want to go one step further from entrepreneurship and create a business that is based around their life-consuming hobby and passion for the countryside.

We understand the emotion and time that goes into your passion and are determined to create a feeling of excitement when a parcel drops onto your doorstep with not one ounce of disappointment when you open it.


Glaze & Gordon is available online and at select events around the country.