Outback Unisex Wool Button In Liner


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Original, innovative Wool liner for your Outback coats that buttons in to keep the liner secure and in line with the jacket.

This sumptuous wool liner is compatible with the Low Rider long coat and the Bush Ranger jacket, and will provide copious amounts of warmth when your oilskin jacket is just not enough. The liner does not restrict movement, or full use of your jacket as it still allows access to the inside security pocket and it adds an extra dose of luxury to the already excellent oilskin jackets.

• Liner Vest Adding Extra Warmth to your Oilskin Garment
• Compatible with Low Rider Duster and Bush Ranger Jacket 
• Center Back Tab Secures Liner to the Coat
• Liner Collar Snaps to the Coat Collar

Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company has maintained a superb reputation for producing incredibly durable and high performing apparel. Wilson King, the founder, had the idea for the company when he was out riding in his faithful Australian duster in a downpour. Wilson went on to pursue the company that had created his duster, Claybourn Brothers Australia, and start his very own line of oilskin dusters. Outback Trading was born, created from one man, his horse and his duster. Glaze & Gordon selected Outback on the basis of their outstanding quality at such a reasonable price, and that style has not been forgotten in all the functionality.


Sometimes you really have no choice but to go out on the cold wet days, Glaze & Gordon are all being prepared and finding anything to make life more comfortable.

When you need an extra layer of warmth and comfort.

  • Liner vest for adding extra warmth to your oilskin garment.
  • Compatible with the Low Rider Duster and the Bush Ranger Jacket.
  • Centre back tab to secure liner to coat.
  • Liner collar snaps to the coat's collar.
  • Provides access to the inside security pocket of the coat.

      Choose the same size hood as your coat or jacket. 

      Dry clean only.

      Material: 70% wool/30% polyester


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