Glaze & Gordon Equestrian Charity Calendar 2024

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We are absolutely delighted to present our 2024 Equestrian Charity Calendar to celebrate a year of everything horses whilst supporting four organisations close to our hearts. We donate 100% of profits from the calendar.

We have carefully curated the calendar so each month is thoughtfully chosen to reflect that time of year with horses, from showjumping to spring grass and skijoring and hedgehopping. All photos have been submitted by supporters, followers and customers and include entires from the UK as well as the USA and Canada, and we are hugely grateful for your continued support.

If field sports and the countryside are more your thing then please see our Countryside Charity Calendar 2024.

We wanted to share this with you in a beautiful calendar that also gives back to countryside communities at the same time.

All profits from this calendar are being equally split between:

Greatwood Charity (for former racehorses)

Greatwood began as a rehabilitation and rehoming charity for former racehorses than had fallen upon hard times when they retired from the racing industry. It has since developed to provide an opportunity for children with special educational needs to learn life skills and emotional literacy through interaction with the exceptional rescued racehorses.

The Hunt Servants Fund

The Hunt Servants Fund was set up through the Hunt Staff Benefit Society as a charity to promote training and education for current and prospective Hunt Staff and to relieve poverty amongst Hunt Staff, their spouses, widows, widowers and children.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust

AST provides protection for our wild salmon and sea trout populations. Wild salmon are in decline, so much so that they could become an endangered species in as little as 10 years’ time. AST focuses on research into the reason why this is happening, to provide solutions to the problem.

The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust

GWT was set up to provide support to gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies and their families in times of hardship, ill health and retirement. Not only financial, but the GWT also provide a listening and visiting service to those that need a little extra emotional support too.

We are sure you will agree that all four trusts are incredibly well deserving and provide an all-round service to the rural community and we hope to raise as much money as possible for them.   

Everyone needs a great calendar hanging up in their kitchen, not only does this one look great but it also supports those in need too.

Gifting to your loved ones, or keeping all to yourself!

  • 13 months of beautiful countryside photographs
  • 100% of profits equally split between four charities




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