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All of our brands have been chosen because they offer something a little bit different, whether is it is a new technology or simply an alternative styling. Together they represent the essence of Glaze & Gordon – style, quality, performance and value.  Where we can’t find a brand we like, we have partnered with respected artisans that use the best available materials and years of expertise to produce the bespoke Glaze & Gordon range.
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No matter what you need for your horse, USA brand, Centaur will have it. Whether you like to coordinate from head to toe or prefer a more rustic approach, this brand will be able to help.


A Centaur is a mythical creature with the head and torso of a human, and body of a horse. Centaur products are developed with the mind of a horse-person for the comfort of your horse; combining the strength and durability of the horse with the fashion sense of the horse rider.

Glaze & Gordon think this is the perfect combination.

If you cannot find what you are looking for from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.


Christie Lloyd
Christie Lloyd has designed her range of gorgeous homeware from her busy farming home full of children and pets in the British Countryside. Apparently, a sneaky field mouse made it’s home in a pair of wellies in Christie’s home; creating pandemonium with the children and that is how ‘Wilfred and the Wellies’ was born.

With everything in the collection designed and made in the UK, this is British manufacturing at it’s very best. The sweet designs are all inspired by the nature around us, and are an absolute pleasure for Glaze & Gordon to showcase.

As ever, if you cannot find what you are looking for from this brand and you want us to source it then please contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.


Claudio Lugli 

Make a statement with the stunning shirts from Claudio Lugli. Their growing reputation for creating inspiration garments with innovative cutting and intricate detailing says it all.

From Italian heritage, Claudio Lugli create masterpieces in the form of clothing with the use of luxurious, opulent fabrics and a unique and modern take on classic tailoring. Each shirt is individually designed, and each design is strictly limited on how many are manufactured, the quality in on point and each shirt is created to last for years.

With celebrity customers including Amir Khan and Alan Carr, and testimonials such as “AMAZING shirts – Italian couture at it’s best, don’t miss it!” the brand is only ever going to expand to keep on creating these bespoke garments.

Glaze & Gordon adore the individuality of each piece and the thought and dedication that goes into the design.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in this brand, please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.


Engel products are made by U.S Sheepskin Inc. based in the Pacific Northwest since 1976 and are the largest and most diverse sheepskin manufacturers in the United States and Canada. They concentrate on the quality and design of new items all the time, constantly working on new innovations and ideas.

Their number one goal is to continue to improve the quality and design of their sheepskin products, but when you see/feel these in person you will wonder how they can improve them. The quality is second to none, and the design has been kept traditional and effortlessly stylish.

Glaze & Gordon used Engel numnahs even before the idea of G&G was born, after searching high and low for the best sheepskin at a reasonable price, and we are so excited to be able to supply them to you.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.


Eric & Christopher

Eric & Christopher met around 5 years ago at an art show in Pennsylvania, and decided to combine their two talents (Eric in art and design and Christopher in screen printing). Eric takes the photos of the animals – from his farm, surrounding farms, zoos, friend’s houses and farm sanctuaries – which Christopher then screen prints onto the fabric swatches to create their beautiful, individual products. The cushions were popular from the very start – they sold over 1000 in the first 6 months!

Now Eric & Christopher are based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and have expanded their product range with the help of their employees. They supply a range of boutique stores across the U.S. and we are lucky enough to be able to show them to you in the U.K.

A hugely successful brand, named National Outstanding Encore Entrepreneur by the SCORE foundation in 2016, named finalists in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards and nominated for the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Awards. This proves the quality and individuality of the brands products.

Eric & Christopher make a fantastic team and, with their countryside ethos, we think they are quite like Glaze & Gordon!

If you cannot find all you are looking for from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.


Foot Huggies

Jeffi, the creator of Foothuggies, is a Californian Manicurist/Pedicurist that has developed a passion for horses whilst developing toeless socks for pedicures to help her clients heal cracked, dry feet and keep them warm after pedicures. With the help of riding trainer Mark Watring, Jeffi has combined their expertise and come up with the Foot Huggies Equestrian Sock.

Foot Huggies are better fitting socks that will prevent from a lifetime of calluses and corns and eliminate the temporary miseries that effect performance; blisters, bruising and soreness. The socks have been tested by both amateurs and professionals alike, and have a rather impressive team of sponsored riders that believe wholeheartedly in the Foot Huggies revolution.

Glaze & Gordon handpicked Foot Huggies as we are sick of the problems that ill-fitting socks can create no matter what equestrian discipline you are taking part in, and we loved the innovation Jeffi has brought to the brand.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.




GhoDho is all about the style, but with the substance to back it up. Their innovations and technology really add to the functionality of their incredibly beautiful product range. The breeches, shirts and belts all look like something that could have easily walked off a high-end fashion show and are tailored for all tastes.

USA based GhoDho has quickly become a sought-after brand amongst up and coming riders and has become a social media sensation known for their progressive styling and impeccable fit, and unlike brands that only support professionals, GhoDho also support young riders to give them a unique opportunity to shine.

The designer brand also features technical fabrics for apparel that remains ahead of the curve. With a team of high end fashion veterans, GhoDho's attention to detail is sure to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding equestrian. All their products are also 100% cruelty free!

Glaze & Gordon are very excited to be able to bring GhoDho to the U.K as their very first British retailer.



A country lifestyle cannot be complete without lashings of tweed and gorgeous knits; whether expressed through yourself, your animals or your home

Glaze & Gordon have searched high and low for the finest quality wool and tweed products at outstanding value to fulfil our ethic of providing our customers with items we would be happy to receive ourselves.

We have handpicked a renowned manufacturer that has been established for over 45 years, to create our own range of tweed and wool scarves and home ware, using all the knowledge and know-how to create the superior products that we want to bring to you. The manufacturer themselves are based in the heart of the British countryside and use their incredible surroundings to inspire their beautiful range of remarkable textiles. Glaze & Gordon’s array of tweed is classic but with an elegant, modern twist that we do not think can be compared to any other.

If you cannot find what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging. 


Glaze & Gordon Leatherwork


Glaze & Gordon are passionate about bringing you the best of the best, we have spent months researching and perfecting what we think is the best leatherwork product range you will find.

The idea for our leatherwork came about when we had taken our two beloved horses out for the day and one of our cheekpieces snapped at the buckle on a reputable branded bridle (we pride ourselves on always buying quality) – its turns out the fitting wasn’t even solid, and was filled with sand. This sent us on the hunt for new bridles, but we never found exactly what we were looking for so decided to make our own.

After searching far and wide for a leather we think brings the ‘lux’ to ‘deluxe’ we finally found it in two separate locations; in the U.S. and in Argentina. Each supplier has their own designs but are united in quality, style and value.

Our leather supplied in the United States comes from a tannery that have been successfully making leather for over 150 years. Wickett & Craig are one of the only vegetable tanneries left in the U.S, using a masterful mix of tradition and skill to create leather with character that will only improve with age. The best ingredients will only take you so far, which is why we selected a manufacturer with huge amounts of experience of all sorts of leatherwear that can produce anything that you ask for – which gives Glaze & Gordon huge amounts of scope to add to our leatherwork range.

From Argentina, we chose a family owned and run company which started as a leather tannery in 1940, then in 1985 the same company also started designing and manufacturing top quality leather bridles, pet leads/collars, belts and bags. Each and every item is lovingly handmade and sewn, the attention to detail could not be greater and the families’ experience really shines through on each product. Becs has been working closely with them to come up with our own unique designs, we are proud as punch of all of them.

We don’t just love these leather products; we have been living and breathing them for months, so we can provide you with phenomenal quality for an extraordinary price.

If there is any leather product that you cannot find, or any bespoke requirements you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us by direct message or on hello@glazeandgordon.com


Who knows more about denim than the designers of the probably the leading manufacturer in the denim industry, Levi Strauss & Co?

Lorna Goode and Kristin Calandra are just that, but have left Levi to create their own brand of Californian based stylish women’s equestrian wear that means you don’t have to be ashamed of popping to the shops after spending the day at the yard – these breeches are something to be proud of. Lorna and Kristin define themselves as true product people with a passion for both design and horses and we think this ethos screams through in their elegant line of clothing for the polished horsewoman.

Not only focussing on appearance the items are created with the best innovation, fit and comfort in mind, using the latest technologies to produce clothing that will withstand the wear and tear (and dirt!) of the equestrian lifestyle. Goode Rider boasts ambassador athletes such as Olympic rider, Lauren Billys and member of the Swedish dressage team, Mette Rosencrantz and is quickly becoming popular with both equestrians and fashionistas alike.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.



Kerrits has been going as an activewear company, starting off with swimsuits, since 1986. The founder, Kerri Kent, started this off by handmaking her own swimsuits in the pursuit of designing more comfortable activewear for athletic woman. In 1991, the New York Times wrote a piece on Kerri who mentioned her desire to spread this line to her other passion; horses. The CEO of Eisers, a leading equestrian company, read the article and approached Kerri to ask her to design a line. Here, Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel was born. The evolution has gone from strength to strength, and Kerrits have built up an impressive fanbase of Team Riders and over 1000 ambassadors.

Kerrits focus is on making exceptional quality clothing that is built to last, refusing to make anything they might be embarrassed to wear next year. Not only is this good design ethos, but they are also set on making a difference to our planet. Kerrits are a member of ‘1% For the Planet’, meaning the dedicate a portion of all profit to the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource to help ensure that there will be green, open spaces for horses to gallop across in the future.

Like their namesake vegetable, Kerrits are green from the top down and very proud to manufacture in the USA. They have built their company up through the years with a team of women that are inspired to create products that perform and flatter for others, after starting off as the humble seed of one woman’s dream.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.


Majyk Equipe was born when dedicated riders that found a need for good quality products at affordable prices, finding that protective boots on the market at competitive prices wore out quickly or the longer lasting products had a top-notch price tag to match.

It just so happened that these riders had worked in the research and development of top branded sports shoes for the athlete of the human kind, and were able to apply the same core principles of the sports shoes to the equine boot. Majyk Equipe use cutting edge technology and materials to provide the ultimate protection for our four-legged friends. Glaze & Gordon are huge fans, and made the quick switch to using these boots on our own horses.

The brand was named after their beloved Dutch Warmblood mare Majyk Motion (pronounced Magic) who tragically passes away in 2014 after a battle with cancer and who remains their inspiration to date, they want to make her name synonymous with the best of the best and we think they are well on their way there – we want to help them achieve this goal. Horse products made by genuine horse lovers, you cannot get any better than that.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.




Martin D. Cohen, the founder and inventor of MDC Stirrups, has a varied background including shovelling manure to judging two Olympic Games. He has acted as a professional hunter/jumper trainer, FEI judge, course designer, Chief Steward, Show Manager, Teaching Clinician and Expert Witness in equine related court cases, so we believe he knows what he is talking about! His passion for his stirrups goes above and beyond the call of duty, and it has rubbed off on Glaze & Gordon.

MDC stirrups are patented worldwide and have been the most popular brand of stirrups used by the U.S Olympic team over the past three Olympics. Mr Cohen’s question of ‘Are there any positive benefits from a stirrup that lays flat against a horse’s side?’ leads the way in his work with creating the safest stirrup money can buy, no stirrup can 100% guarantee that the rider will not be caught and exposed to serious injury but understanding the reason why stirrups can catch a rider’s foot during a fall go a long way to help.

We love these stirrups, and use them ourselves on our own horses. They alleviate any pain we have previously suffered in joints and are seriously comfortable when you are in the saddle for numerous hours at a time. Mr Cohen’s enthusiasm for his products is hard not to follow, and his claim that he will personally answer any questions our customers might have is exceptional. All these along with a 100% money back guarantee because we understand how big a decision your safety and comfort are.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.


Morris Richardson


The founder, Tom Morris-Richardson, was struggling to find one watch that was suitable for all occasions; so, he took his inspiration from quintessential British style and created his own. Tom based his designs on typically British materials; genuine Harris Tweed and top-grain calf leather to create a watch that combines luxury and affordability.

The distinctive Morris Richardson watches have a classic, minimalist design with interchangeable quick release straps and are designed to seamlessly compliment your style and provide the ideal companion for every occasion.

Created with the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary; a slim and sleek polished stainless-steel case juxtaposed with conventional Harris Tweed. These beautiful watches capture the heritage of the British countryside, but bring it into the 21st Century. Glaze & Gordon love this brand, and were delighted with the outstanding quality of the watches when we saw them for the first time. The combination of the quality and the price means they will be a staple in our collection for a long time to come.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.



Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company has maintained a superb reputation for producing incredibly durable and high performing apparel. It is the favoured oilskin amongst cowboys and girls, hunters and farmers across the USA who really put the clothing through its paces.

Wilson King, the founder, had the idea for the company when he was out riding in his faithful Australian duster in a downpour. This duster was given as a gift to King during his time spent travelling Australia as a teenager. Wilson went on to pursue the company that had created his duster, Claybourn Brothers Australia, and start his very own line of oilskin dusters – with the first shipment being sold out of the back of his Jeep!

Outback Trading was born; created from one man, his horse and his duster.

They create line after line of comfortable clothing for working lifestyles and have a very loyal following – this is proof of the durability of their apparel. Glaze & Gordon selected Outback based on their outstanding quality at such a reasonable price, and that style has not been forgotten in all the functionality.

If you cannot find what you are looking for from this brand, then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.


PC Racewear

Paul Carberry is a hugely successful National Hunt Jockey born in 1974 in Dublin and is the son of the famous jockey Tommy Carberry. He has been racing since the age of 16 when he entered his first point-to-point which he went on to win! His most successful win must be the Grand National in 1999 on Bobbyjo, a horse trained by his father. Paul unfortunately had to retire in August of 2016 due to a leg injury.

PC Racewear was born in 2004, when Joules Lamb was at Paul Carberry’s house and noticed around 30 different jackets hung on the back door and they decided together to try and come up with 1 all-round jacket. They set to work, and after 2 years of designing, testing, tweaking and retesting the PC jacket was complete. Since 2006 they have expanded the range and had huge success in Ireland, the UK, Norway and France.

Paul’s genius-like knowledge of horses and riding has helped to develop the PC range, which is innovative and is designed for freedom of movement along with maximum protection from the elements thus making it ideal clothing for equestrian, agricultural and leisure activities.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.




Pomegranate was founded in 1995 by Angela Beck, a textile designed, entrepreneur, mother and creative thinker. After many years spent travelling, exploring and creating Angela has drawn inspiration from her experiences around the world to create her home textiles, apparel and accessories.

Two decades later the Pomegranate company is based in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. The team, under Angela’s guidance carry on this trend of creating vibrant and distinctive products to inspire the everyday, and fit into life effortlessly. Angela still starts each new design as she always has – “It begins with me using anything I can get my hands on – calligraphy pens, paint, rubber stamps, and even my children’s pens and markers!”.

Although Pomegranate has evolved as a company over the last twenty years, their perspective remains clear and true. Their designs and methods are steeped in tradition, reflective of their bluegrass roots and made to last. Pomegranate put the cheer into travel, and the Pomegranate woman is graceful, content and full of life; she is warm and approachable wherever she goes.

We love the tradition and inspiration the brand draws on, and that the founder is a family orientated yet independent woman that finds her goal and sticks to them like glue. Glaze & Gordon use these bags themselves, and believe in the simple ethos behind the brand and the importance of surrounding yourself with unique goods rich with personality and character. 



Pravins is situated in the heart of the Beaujolais region of France surrounded by forests and vineyards, and was founded by husband and wife team of Phillipe and Carole. Brought together by their shared love of high-quality products, design and innovation. Carole is the more creative, whilst Phillipe brings the skill to the partnership in the creation of leather goods.

The workshop is filled with rich textures and materials; leather, saddle oil, wool, horse hair and linen yarn to provide the couple with the inspiration to draw upon for their products. Glaze & Gordon have never visited the workshop, but hope to soon – we can only imagine from the incredible picture that Phillipe has painted to us.

We cannot tell you how many pairs of stirrup leathers we have been through over the last couple of years; not only do they snap they also stretch and we have never found the correct ones to suit us. Pravins limit stretch, and are incredibly durable through being created from top quality leather.

Glaze & Gordon use these leathers ourselves, and cannot recommend them highly enough. We love the intimacy, the pride and the skill used in this wonderful brand.


QHP was founded in 2005, with headquarters in Holland. The company produce a huge range of equestrian apparel for both horse and rider, and are constantly designing and producing new items.

QHP are known for being superior quality at a very reasonable price, and this is how they have built their fantastic reputation for supplying all different kinds of apparel and accessories. Employees of the company test all of their own products before they are put out to the general market, showing the pride and attention to detail the company has in their range. QHP also have fantastic relations with the factories they use for production; so, changes and alterations are easily made after testing.

Glaze & Gordon are incredibly excited about the opportunity to showcase the brand as it quickly creates a big name for itself in the equestrian market.

If you cannot find what you are looking for within this brand, please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.



R.J. Classics was created, and is committed, to offer the equestrian community show attire that is geared toward the athlete and have done this by assembly what the world has to offer in fabrics, stylings and craftmanship.

R.J. Classics are a brand set apart with their devotion to attention to detail and innovation. They are well known for their beautiful styling, luxurious fabrics and unique linings that cover their whole range; from the most affordable to the most expensive.

Glaze & Gordon wanted to offer our customers this unique approach to show wear, and we are proud to be given the opportunity to exhibit R.J. Classics as they grow their company and expand the product line.

If you cannot find what you are looking for from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.



Laura Romfh started riding when she was 2, and swiftly moved from lessons to pony club to dressage to eventing – the equestrian way of life has been ingrained since the beginning. Her education took her down the design route, and at 25 these two paths crossed as Laura designed her very own equestrian range of clothing. 

Laura is a keen sportswoman and notice the lack of technical fabrics used in Equestrian clothing, and their lack of shape and fit. The Romfh range is designed to flatter a woman’s curves, and utilise all the benefits that specialist fabrics and fibres can provide. 

Having influenced and revolutionised the equestrian market, Romfh is still classic, no-nonsense tasteful equestrian fashion for the serious rider and athlete with great colour palettes and uber soft micro-fibre fabrics. Romfh clothing is designed by an equestrian for equestrians. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for from this brand, then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or via direct message.



Schneiders is a family owned company, founded in 1948 by Milton Schneider (Dad of the current owners). The company has maintained a dedication to value, product quality, innovation, and love and commitment to the equestrian industry ever since. Schneiders is one of the leading suppliers of equestrian goods in the USA and have drawn upon their experience, knowledge and up to date technology to create their own ranges of products too.

Their own product ranges have been tested with both professionals and amateurs alike, tweaked if needed and then re-tested to make sure each and every product is proven to work. Schneiders guarantee that every product they have developed is designed to provide you with everything you need to train, show and enjoy your horses.

Glaze & Gordon love the ethos of the brand, and the unique product range that Schneiders have refined; most of which the UK has never seen – we are literally like children in a toy shop! We want to bring these products to you, so you can have that same feeling and feel comfort in the fact that you are spending your hard earned money on quality.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.


Sporting Hares 

Sporting Hares was founded in 2011 by Marc Brown, a farmer and countryman, who runs his business from his busy family farm in rural Wales. The idea came from spotting a gap in the market for innovative British made sunglasses to represent the lifestyle of the country bumpkin with fantastic quality handmade wooden frames, which then quickly progressed onto the Fieldsport Boot followed by clothing with the Beauchamp Blazer and Windermere Gilet. With its rural heritage, Sporting Hares stays true to creating British made products for country pursuits.

Sporting Hares is the ultimate in innovation; each item is lovingly designed and developed with a huge amount of care and attention to detail making sure each and every one is the highest spec possible. Noting else does the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ describe so perfectly, with every piece seen as an investment that can be used in so many situations because of the time spent on development.

Unsurprisingly, Sporting Hares is an award winning brand, having won the prestigious Entrepreneur Wales Awards in 2015 and are also a finalist in this year's NatWest Great British Entrepreneurship Awards as well as named finalists in several other national awards. They are boasting brand ambassadors such as International eventer Izzy Taylor and The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club’s founder Victoria Knowles-Lacks. Glaze & Gordon are hugely excited to be able to showcase Sporting Hares as it is quickly becoming a classic British brand.

As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.


U.S. Whip is a family owned business that was established in the early 1900s in the New England region of the U.S and eventually relocated to their current location of Miami, Oklahoma – America’s heartland.

They strive for perfection, with each of their employees taking huge pride in their work so they produce whips of the best quality. Their reputation is upheld through innovative manufacturing processes, rigorous quality control and intentionally sourcing raw materials and components from America’s finest suppliers. All of their whips are double braided, to make sure the fibreglass rods do not end up poking through the braiding.

The wide range of products they provide mean their will be something to suit everyone. As ever, if you cannot find what you want from this brand then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@glazeandgordon.com or through direct messaging.

Glaze & Gordon are bringing this “Made in the U.S.A” product to the U.K to exhibit the fine quality and workmanship for a very reasonable price.


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