Sixteen Cypress

Sixteen Cypress was founded by Emily in 2020. Born in California, life-long equestrian Emily started her profession in the fashion industry, but wanted to combine this with her love of the horse world and create a unique brand which focussed on superior quality, timeless equestrian goods.

Traditional family heritage and an appreciation for fine aesthetics means Emily has developed a classic and ageless style, all the whilst keeping the comfort of both rider and horse in mind and creating products suitable for all disciplines.

If G&G were going to design saddle pads and boots then this is how they would look - unspoiled, classic style with amazing durability and super quality materials and craftsmanship - Sixteen Cypress products are the dream. 

We are delighted to welcome Sixteen Cypress to our collection; a brand which fits so well into our ethos of classic styling and incredible quality. 

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