Kerrits started as a swimwear company in 1986. The New York Times wrote a piece on Kerri Kent, the founder, who mentioned her desire to spread this line to her other passion; horses and the CEO of Eisers, a leading equestrian company, read the article and approached Kerri to ask her to design a line. Here, Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel was born. The evolution has gone from strength to strength, and Kerrits have built up an impressive fanbase of Team Riders and over 1000 ambassadors.

Kerrits focus is on making exceptional quality clothing that is built to last, refusing to make anything they might be embarrassed to wear next year. Kerrits are a member of ‘1% For the Planet’, meaning the dedicate a portion of all profit to the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource to help ensure that there will be green, open spaces for horses to gallop across in the future.

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