Equi-Essentials Braiders No Tangle No Snag Plaiting Bands


Another indispensable item from Equi-Essentials with this no tangle and no snag plaiting bands.

Equi-Essentials is the go to brand for all those bits and pieces you couldn't live without around the yard. Equi-Essentials has you covered with everything you need to organise your stables, keep your horse clean and your gear organised.

As the proud owner of a wannabe hippo, Glaze & Gordon understand the need for items that can help you get your chores done quickly and easily.

Putting the ease into plaiting your horse's mane and tail, and makes them easy to remove at the end of the day when everyone is tired!

  • Makes plaiting simple.
  • No snagging and no tangles in the mane/tail.
  • Comes in a very hand storage tub – no more spilling bands!




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