THE Festival of the Countryside - Game Fair Success!

We spent the hottest week of the year setting up, standing and breaking down at The Game Fair 2021 at Ragley Hall. Gallons of sweat and some (very tired!) tears were totally worth it as we had the MOST fantastic weekend meeting all of our wonderful customers both old and new.

We started on Tuesday as Monday happened to be a write off due to some severe weekend hang overs seeing old friends! Sorting out all of our display furniture for the stand was a challenge as it needed a severe dusting off (most of it has not been used since 2019!) and Becs had a re-think on some of the items. We are lucky enough to only be 50 minutes away from Ragley Hall so could set up the skeleton of the stand on Wednesday and then go back with the stock on Thursday.

Becs' essentials!

Despite set up being seriously HOT, it was enjoyable and we managed to get it basically all done by the Thursday evening ready to welcome in the public on Friday.

Super busy from the off, with everyone loving the dog collars and shirts. It was so nice to be able to meet customers that have supported us online but we have not yet managed to meet at an event because of COVID, and also making some fantastic new contacts that loved our products and the whole 'a little bit different' theme we continue to try to promote.

This continued through out the weekend, with Becs handing out plenty of champers. We also had a huge amount of interest in the Outback collection, and of course the Munnings placemats which are always hugely popular (we definitely need a restock now!). Building up the collection of Smathers & Branson over the last year has definitely been the correct decision, with people loving it even more in real life than they do online - when you see it live you really can appreciate the work that goes into each and every piece!

See below for some images of the finished stand, not too shabby considering we are out of practice!'

Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to come and see us, just to introduce yourself or buy something from us, each and every 'hello' means so much to us as a small business.
We hope to see you at another event soon - watch this space for some announcements.
For now we are going to have a low profile week recuperating and attempting to get 'show fit'! 


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