Smathers & Branson Jolly Roger Collar (Black)


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A stunning and unique dog collar with black Jolly Roger skull and cross bones design delivered all the way from Smathers & Branson, the original needlepoint belt brand in the USA.  Beautifully crafted with needlepoint that is all handstitched, finished with quality leather and striking chrome fastenings. 

*See size guide below for detailed measurements. the collar is 1"wide* 

Sml/Med (suitable for neck sizes 14" - 17")

Med/Lge (suitable for neck sizes 18" - 21")

Smathers & Branson have created these exquisite collars (and other accessories) by searching high and low for the best Artisans in the business, and finding him in Vietnam. Each belt involves over 14,000 hand-stitches and takes 15-20 hours to create and assemble – the incredible art of Needlepoint is time consuming, but Smathers & Branson have helped to create a Cottage Industry in Vietnamese villages supplying hundreds of people with a flexible job and income to aid their lifestyles.

Smathers & Branson joined forces in 2004, after looking to buy needlepoint belts and realising there was not a company that created the finished item. The biggest challenge they faced was finding an artisan skilled enough to create a product to the perfect standard they were looking for – but after spending time in Vietnam and meeting with stitchers face to face to outline exactly what it was they were seeking they found their artisans and have formed an incredible working relationship. Their new partner had plans to teach their needlepoint craft to 100 of his fellow villagers to provide jobs in the community, that were flexible around the rice harvest in the area. This mutualistic relationship has continued to grow; the villagers have been provided with a wonderful opportunity whilst creating beautiful, individual pieces for Smathers & Branson. Since the success of the belts, the company has gone on to make lots of different needlepoint accessories – all special, unique and make a wonderful addition to our Glaze & Gordon range.

Everything about these collars is inspiring; the precise skill in the needlepoint, the social responsibility in the craftmanship and the flawless materials used. 

Your favourite pup!

  • Entirely hand-stitched and assembled.
  • Over 10,000 stitches in each collar.
  • Made from the finest of French cotton, Italian leather and solid American brass.
  • Many designs available – if we do not stock one which you would like then please e-mail us on

Each size has 5 hole options, the length from the base of the buckle (where the buckle pin sits) to each of the holes is shown below. Hole 1 is the shortest length and hole 5 is the longest. Please measure your dogs neck and add 2/3cm and look up which hole this takes you to on each size collar. 

Size S/M collar: 

Distance from buckle pin to:

Hole 1: 35.5cm

Hole 2: 38cm

Hole 3: 40.5cm

Hole 4: 43cm

Hole 5: 45.5cm

Size M/L collar

Distance from buckle pin to:

Hole 1: 43cm

Hole 2: 45.5cm

Hole 3: 48cm

Hole 4: 50.5cm

Hole 5: 53cm


**If you don’t see your size or for more detailed info please email text/Whats App 07538 366282

Material: Cotton/Leather

Care: If the cotton gets dirty, then use a small amount of soap with warm water and spot clean. For maximum protection you can use Scotchgard – but follow the instructions specifically and be careful to only treat the cotton thread.

Brass can be cleaned with a regular brass polishing product, but be careful not to spill onto the leather or the cotton.

Leather can be maintained with a leather cleaning product.

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