Schneiders Dura-tech® Replacement Leather Breakaway Tab


Replacement leather headpiece for the Schneiders Fully Padden Nylon Breakaway Headcollar

Super easy to replace when the breakaway headcollars works as it should and the leather snaps when caught.

Schneiders is a family owned company, founded in 1948 by Milton Schneider (Dad of the current owners). The company has maintained a dedication to value, product quality, innovation, and love and commitment to the equestrian industry ever since. Schneiders is one of the leading suppliers of equestrian goods in the USA and have drawn upon their experience, knowledge and up to date technology to create their own ranges of products too.

Horses are precious (and expensive), let's not give them any reason to injure themselves. We can do as much as we can to wrap them up in cotton wool, without actually doing so!

Turnout, or tying up. Knowing your horse can break free if they get caught up is peace of mind, and peace of mind is priceless.

  • Ensure your horse's safety at all times while wearing a halter!
  • Can convert most nylon halters into breakaway turnout halters
  • Attaches between the crown buckle and the cheek piece ring
  • Measures: 4"L x 1"W



Material: Leather

Care: Clean with a damp sponge and a suitable leather cleaner/conditioner. Oil regularly.

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