Pravins Sellier Wide Dressage Stirrup Leathers


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*Size guide: The sizes provided are the length of the leather from the stirrup bar to the top of the stirrup when the stirrup is down and in use. Each size covers a range of 5cm, e.g. size 55cm will cover from 52.5cm to 57.5cm. See size guide in tab below for full details. 

*These leathers work with ANY stirrups. 

**These leathers are only for dressage and light hacking - they cannot be used for jumping. Please see the Single Piece leather for a t-bar jumping leather here 

For bespoke sizes and questions text/call/WhatsApp 07538 366282 or email 

Would your dressage riding benefit from a more stable and quieter lower leg? Do you suffer with ankle, hip or leg issues that affect your balance in the saddle? From their original regular wide leather, Pravins have developed the specialised Dressage leather. 

With one of us nursing an ankle injury and the other with a dodgy hip, and fed up with leathers over-stretching, twisting and even breaking, we searched for the perfect stirrup leather and we found it in France.

Innovative in design, the wide leather gives extra comfort, leg stability and close contact with the horse without twisting. The extra width provides a bigger base of support for your lower leg which helps you to gain better control over it and reduces swinging. This in turn allows you to focus on other parts of your position and takes pressure of other parts of the body that might be working to overcompensate. 

The dressage leather hooks over the stirrup bar (they don't fit every stirrup bar so please contact us if you would like us to check for you) and have a leather sheath around the leathers with the buckle at the bottom. The buckle is covered by a small removable leather sheath.

Importantly they do not adversely affect the freedom of movement needed by the discipline. These leathers are for flat work only - they are not reinforced for jumping - for jumping, hacking, trail riding, polo and cross country leathers please see the Pravins Regular Wide Leathers (buckle at the top) or Pravins Single Piece Leathers (buckle at the bottom).

Renowned French saddlers, Pravins Sellier, have developed these wide stirrup leathers, which aid correct position, comfort and stability. The quality is second to none and they don't twist or over-stretch. The leathers have been developed with several Olympic riders including Michel Robert and Philippe Rozier, who used the leathers in the Rio Olympics.

Although a relatively new concept in the UK, wide leathers are used widely in Europe and the USA. We have tried them and haven't looked back.

Glaze & Gordon are the only retailer of these leathers in the UK.

This wide stirrup leather can be used with any stirrups but we think it matches perfectly with the innovative MDC stirrups for unparalleled lower leg position and seat stability.

They come in brown and black. 

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT OIL, BALM OR CONDITION THE LEATHERS. They will soften on their own through uses. Clean occasaionally with glycerine saddle soap if required.

Pravins is situated in the heart of the Beaujolais region of France surrounded by forests and vineyards, and was founded by husband and wife team of Phillipe and Carole. Brought together by their shared love of high-quality products, design and innovation. Carole is the more creative, whilst Phillipe brings the skill to the partnership in the creation of leather goods. The workshop is filled with rich textures and materials; leather, saddle oil, wool, horse hair and linen yarn to provide the couple with the inspiration to draw upon for their products. Glaze & Gordon love the intimacy, the pride and the skill used in this wonderful brand.

Glaze & Gordon love the intimacy, the pride and the skill used in this wonderful brand.


We cannot tell you how many pairs of stirrup leathers we have been through over the last couple of years; not only do they snap they also stretch and we have never found the correct ones to suit us. Pravins limit stretch, and are incredibly durable through being created from top quality leather.

All sorts of disciplines you can imagine. From Polo to dressage; these stirrup leathers give you the stability you need in every situation. Glaze & Gordon use these leathers ourselves, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • Much wider than a traditional stirrup leather, Pravins leather's do not twist and are much more comfortable.
  • Close contact with the saddle – suitable for all disciplines.
  • The wide strap provides a huge about of support to the rider's leg, and therefore increases stability. This is both for safety, and style.
  • International riders have contributed to the development of this product, Michel Robert (International Showjumper) worked in direct partnership with Pravins to create the leathers.
  • Top quality, chrome-tanned leather.
  • Chrome-tanned leather is more resistant to water, stains and heat.
  • The leather has been pre-stretched during tanning to help to limit additional elongation.
  • Weight 1.5kg.
  • Available in both black and brown.

The sizes provided are the length of the leather from the stirrup bar to the top of the stirrup when the stirrup is down and in use.  Each size covers a range of 5cm as per table below: 

 Size Of Pravins Wide Dressage Leather Size Range Covered
50cm 47.5cm to 52.5cm
55cm 52.5cm to 57.5cm
60cm 57.5cm to 62.5cm
65cm 62.5cm to 67.5cm

Bespoke sizes are also available please email 

Material: 100% leather.

Care: Leathers soften naturally through use. Do NOT treat your leathers with oil, balm or conditioner as this can damage the leather. Occasionally clean with glycerine saddle soap if required.


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