Pendleton Falcon Cove Cotton Baby Blanket


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We are forever on the search for beautiful home furnishings and could not resist this stunning cotton baby blanket by American brand Pendleton.

Lightweight, breathable and super soft, this crib sized blanket will keep your precious babies warm and comfortable. Can also be used for swaddling.

The Pendleton brand is based on an innate insight into the wool industry – from fibre to fabric. Traditional expertise mixed with modern imagination has created the brand as it stands today, with a superior dedication to quality that has not wavered over the last 120 years. Since 1909, Pendleton has produced Indigenous blankets, robes and shawls for the Indigenous tribes of North America. Since the earliest years of production, employees of the Pendleton Mill have taken the time and care to understand the different colours and patterns of the Indigenous population. Today, Pendleton is still deeply connected to the Native American Population.

Glaze & Gordon are big enthusiasts for tradition – our never ending quest for a beautiful Newmarket type throw at a more reasonable price landed us at Pendleton in the U.S. and we are now proud stockists of the individual and exceptional wool products.

We LOVE the tradition behind the Pendleton brand, and the products to not disappoint - exceptional quality.

Keeping your little ones warm and comfortable.

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA, woven in Pendleton's mills
  • 30 x 40"

30 x 40"

Care: Machine Washable

Material: 100% cotton

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