Ox Bow Decor Mallard Duck Cord Edge Cushion

With/without Insert:

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A large luxury linen cushion cover with a mallard duck design on an antique off-white background and finished perfectly with a cord edging. 

There is an option to add the cushion insert to your purchase,

Many designs available, view the entire collection here.

High quality, bespoke and eco-friendly, Ox Bow Decor is definitely a collection to start now we have managed to bring them across the Pond, available exclusively at Glaze & Gordon within the UK.

Bird and country homeware is a must for the country bumpkin, whether that is you or you are looking for a present for someone else! A decorative tag is supplied with the cushion cover stating:

'Two times a year, Mallards molt or shed their flight feathers which grounds them for several weeks until these grow back. This takes place in time for the fall migration. During this period, the male ends up losing his well recognised green head of feathers, but retains the white collar ring and rusty coloured chest. The female has a distinctive quack and the male is quieter typically making a more nasal sound.'

Ox Bow Decor specialises in designing, printing and manufacturing beautiful homeware over a range of themes. Glaze & Gordon have brought to you the equestrian, vintage sports and canine ranges all the way from the US where everything is proudly produced.

Using only water-based ink, Ox Bow strives to be an eco-friendly brand and all the cushions, tea towels and totes are easy to care for and stay in top condition.

Glaze & Gordon love the bespoke nature of Ox Bow Decor's products, the outstanding quality and the ease of care. 

Adding the finishing touch to your country home, a cushion cover that will look great in any room. These bespoke cushion covers would also make a wonderful, individual gift for someone special.

  • Antique off-white linen cushion cover with a cord edge finish.
  • Country and shooting themed homeware.
  • High quality & individual.
  • Designed, printed and manufactured in the US.
  • Available with or without a feather/down insert.
  • Other designs available here.

20" x 20"

Material: Linen 

Care: Hand or spot wash with a mild detergent and dry naturally.

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