MDC 'Super Sport' Stirrups


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*Sizing guide:

For shoe size up to UK 6.5 select 4.75" stirrup

For shoe size over UK 6.5 select 5" stirrup

Revolutionary forward-facing stirrups with patented adjustable top that can be set to 45°or 90° to the horse's side so you can find which position is the most comfortable for you. The sturdy stainless steel Super Sports feature flexible shock-absorbing sides and a wide, low profile non-slip aluminum tread. Used by Olympic Showjumpers, Eventers and Dressage Riders. 

The inventor of these incredible stirrups, Martin D. Cohen, started out with the question 'Is there any reason that stirrups should lay flat against the horse's side?" With the answer being an absolute "NO", Martin set about creating forward facing stirrups with safety and comfort on top of the checklist. The adjustable top was born which means these stirrups can be placed flat, at 45°or 90°to the horse's side so you can find which position that results in reduced stress on your hips, ankles, knees, and back.

Due to the fact that the MDC stirrups come to you, rather than you adjusting your position for them, your leg is in a more natural situation which helps to relieve any pain you might have felt in more traditional stirrups. The Multi-Pivot Point shock absorbing sides also reduce concussion and therefore relieve pain in the ankle, knees, hips and back.

Not only can these stirrups help to counter excessive stress on the anatomy, but also, when you lose a stirrup, they are easier to find because the stirrups stay open rather than closing back against the horse's side and, if you fall, the tendency of the stirrup to stay open means you have more time to escape a twisting stirrup so much less chance of being dragged along with the horse. The MDC design allows for more escape room from the top of the tread to the top of the inner stirrup arch. This increased area allows for more ease in escaping a stirrup during a fall than designs with less clearance area.

We know that this is an important investment and we are so confident in the stirrups that we will sell them with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy, you can return them within 90-days of receiving for a full refund, even if you have used them. Martin believes so strongly in his invention that he will personally respond to any queries or questions you have about the stirrups.

For a heavier stirrup and narrower, traditional rubber tread please refer to MDC 'Ultimate' stirrup.

For a more traditional look stirrup please refer to MDC 'S' range.

We recommend using these stirrups in combination with the Pravins Sellier Wide stirrup leathers for extra stability especially in the lower leg.

Martin D. Cohen, the founder and inventor of MDC Stirrups, has a varied background including shovelling manure to judging two Olympic Games. He has acted as a professional hunter/jumper trainer, FEI judge, course designer, Chief Steward, Show Manager, Teaching Clinician and Expert Witness in equine related court cases, so we believe he knows what he is talking about! His passion for his stirrups goes above and beyond the call of duty, and it has rubbed off on Glaze & Gordon.

After a fateful day out trail hunting, where our stirrup broke mid gallop, we decided to search out the perfect stirrup. Not an easy task as Kate also suffers with a painful ankle and knee after one too many falls! MDC popped up, and Martin D. Cohen's enthusiasm and passion for his product was so apparent we tried them and we LOVE them. Kate suffers no pain, and they aid your leg into a much more natural and secure position.

MDC recommend as good for jumping, dressage, eventing, polo, endurance and trail riding. MDC's huge list of sponsored riders show huge support for these Super Sport stirrups.

  • The MDC Super Sport features the low-profile, high traction, wide aluminium tread, which delivers more traction, support, comfort and easily releases in a fall. If you prefer a rubber tread and narrower tread, please look at MDC Ultimate.
  • The low-profile tread in easily hidden in the show ring, allowing the benefits of the modern design but still providing the classic lines of the more traditional stirrup.

MDC Stirrups™ are true sized. MDC have considered the rubber sleeves and create a true opening of either 4 " or 5"

Basic cleaning of your MDC Stirrups™ is the same as you would with any other stirrup. MDC Stirrups™ utilize a simple mechanism being used in a dirty environment. If your stirrups turn with any roughness, simply spray WD-40 at the upper seam and /or in the drain holes under the mechanism. Turn the top to the left and right four or five turns. If the mechanism is very tight due to debris in the mechanism, place a screw driver through and across the opening for the stirrup leather for extra leverage. Your stirrups will be clean, lubricated and as good as new.

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