Engel Sheepskin Girth Cover


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Super quality medial sheepskin girth sleeve that can be used on both all-purpose and dressage length girths.

This luxuriant girth sleeve will provide your horse with optimum comfort and protection.

The superior quality sheepskin will wick away sweat up to seven times faster than synthetic materials and preventing any rubbing or chafing, no matter how long you are in the saddle for AND looks sensational. Available in natural colour.

When you have a clipped horse in winter it is always best to protect their girth area so you don't have to worry about galls appearing, Glaze & Gordon use these sleeves on their own horses after searching high and low for the best sheepskin on the market.

Great for

Perfect for at home and competitions, jumping and dressage – you will never want to take this off your horse!

U.S Sheepskin Inc., is one of the largest sheepskin manufacturers in the U.S and Canada. Their number one goal is to continue to improve the quality and design of their products, but when you feel these in person you will really wonder how they can improve them. Glaze & Gordon are seriously impressed, and we are hard people to please when it comes to the comfort of our horses.


  • Made from the best medical sheepskin, providing unrivalled protection for your horse.
  • Suitable for both all-purpose and dressage girths.
  • Easy to pop into place, just thread your girth through.
  • Can be cut to desired length if necessary.

    Size: 80cm x 15cm and can be cut to desired length if necessary.

    Material: Cotton quilting with Merino Sheepskin lining

    Care: Regular Maintenance – Sheepskin must be allowed to dry between rides so that it is given a chance to stabilize. Prolonged use of the sleeve without proper drying may cause stretching or contorting of the leather resulting in damage. Once dry, a light brushing of the sheepskin with a pet brush will separate the wool fibres and help to keep the wool fluffy and resilient for the next ride.

    Washing – Sheepskin should be hand washed in cold water using a mild soap designed for sheepskin. We offer one of the best sheepskin detergents on the market, manufactured by Eucalan. Two other detergents that have posted good results and can be purchased off-the-shelf are Johnson n Johnson baby shampoo and Ivory Snow Flakes. Remove excess water by carefully squeezing the water out or placing in your washing machine on the spin cycle only. Do not wring the sleeve out as it may result in damage.

    Drying – Sheepskin should be line dried out of the sun. Lightly stretch the sleeve during the drying process to avoid shrinkage. Please do not put this in the dryer or on a heating device. Once dry, lightly brush the sheepskin with a pet brush to separate the wool fibres.

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