Equi-Essentials EcoPure Large Rubber Curry Comb


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These EcoPure Large Rubber Curry combs are a great option to use first when grooming your horse to loosen up dirt, grime, and dead skin particles to the top of the coat to easily be brushed away. These curry combs were designed to be used in circular motion and with their "large" size of 6" by 4" they can cover your horse's body in a giffy. 

Equi-Essentials is the go to brand for all those bits and pieces you couldn't live without around the yard. Equi-Essentials has you covered with everything you need to organise your stables, keep your horse clean and your gear organised.

As the proud owner of a wannabe hippo, Glaze & Gordon understand the need for items that can help you get your chores done quickly and easily.

Getting all the dirt and grime off your horses with minimum effort!

  • Strong and abrasive resistant.




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