Centaur® Climate Control No Bow Leg Wraps


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Set of 4 climate control leg wraps, that conform to the leg to stay in place under polo or supportive bandages.

Provide your horse's tendons and ligaments with superior, padded protection under your bandages with added climate control to save heat build-up.

A Centaur is a mythical creature with the head and torso of a human, and body of a horse. Centaur from the USA has developed products with the mind of a horse-person for the comfort of your horse; combining the strength and durability of the horse with the fashion sense of the horse rider. Glaze & Gordon think this is the perfect combination.

We want to help you to provide the best protection for your horse's legs – no legs, no horse.

Use under your usual polo or supportive bandages during exercise, travel or in the stable for extra protection for your horse's precious legs.

  • Moisture-wicking temperature-regulating wraps.
  • Set of 4, come in black or white.
  • Highly ventilated cushioning material optimizes air flow to keep legs cool and dry.

14" x 18"

Care: Machine washable, air dry.

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