Glaze & Gordon Badger Belt


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Our Glaze & Gordon Badger belt will add class and style to your wardrobe, yet fit in with your every day casual outfits. Stunning quality Argentinian leather with traditional South American styling.

Luxurious, rich chocolate coloured leather, a light blue and navy design with a splash of vibrant red create a colourful yet elegant belt. The Badger belt combines a modern fashion trend with a traditional design.

Handmade in Argentina by a family owned company that have progressed from tanning to both tanning and manufacturing all sorts of leather products. Every item is lovingly designed and made with the highest attention to detail and a huge amount of pride.

After searching far and wide for a leather we think brings the 'lux' to 'deluxe' we finally found it across the pond in the United States and Argentina. Our leather makers have been working with all sorts of leather wear for over 40 years and use the best leather from their respective countries. Their vast experience gives Glaze & Gordon huge amounts of scope to add to our leatherwork range. We can also take bespoke orders, so do email us if you have specific requirements

Dad has always been a huge belt fan, and is very specific about what qualities he looks for so we have strived to find the perfect leather with the most suited buckles to create a belt even Dad is proud of.

Beautiful casual belt to go with jeans or chinos.

  • Rich chocolate coloured leather with plenty of character.
  • Solid brass belt to add to the exclusivity.
  • Handmade in Argentina – each belt takes around 4 hours to complete.
  • Available in a range of sizes.

If you have a belt that fits you like a glove, use it to determine the size that you need:

Lay the belt flat and measure the distance in inches from the hole that you are using to where the belt folds around the buckle. This number is your correct belt size. If the measurement number is an odd size, order the next even size. (if your belt measures a 31 order a 32).

If you don't have a belt that fits:

  1. Measure your waist. This is most accurate by actually running the tape measure through your belt loops. A soft tape measure works best but any tape measure will work. 2. Make sure to measure at the waist level you intend to wear the belt. 3. This number is your correct belt size. If the measurement is an odd size, order the next even size. ( if you measure a 31, order a size 32 belt).

Additional size check for men: Order a belt that is 2" larger than your trouser size.

Reminder for women: Use the measurement from the level on your waist that you plan to wear the belt.

Care: Use a suitable leather cleaner.

Material: Leather/Brass

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