Sommer Otto Shine Brush


The soft horse hair bristles on the Otto brush makes sure all the dust is removed from the coat, and the oil from the root is spread over the hair to begin the shining process. Ergonomically shaped wooden back makes sure this brush is comfortable to use.

Superb wooden backed, leather handled brushes from German Saddle Maker Sommer. These beautiful brushes come in a choice of back colours and are all finished to the highest of standards. All Sommer products go through rigorous quality control before they are even allowed onto our shelves; we are confident you will not find better quality brushes.

Another family business that was founded over 40 years ago in the Pirmasens region of Germany, Sommer focusses heavily on quality and craftmanship. Originally purely a saddle maker, Sommer have spent these 40 years developing and perfecting their design and manufacturing techniques, so they are always at their best. Sommer know everything there is to know about the structure of the horse, and what provides the best performance – they only provide the best of the best for you and your horse.

With owning a grey mud-monster comes certain a responsibility to make sure he is semi-clean when venturing out in public, so it was important to us to find good brushes that would last the distance and, importantly, be comfortable to use (because they are used a LOT).

Giving your horse a show ring worthy shine all year round.

  • Ergonomically shaped back for ultimate comfort when grooming.
  • Horse hair bristles
  • Leather handle.
  • Wooden back.

Material: Wooden back/leather handle

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