Equi-Essentials Soft Grip Sponge Brush


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The answer to scrubbing those stains at the last minute, and a must have to the mud-wallower's owner.

A soft, absorbent sponge centre surrounded by medium stiff bristles with a soft grip handle. Absolutely perfect for spot cleaning or removing sweat marks. 

Equi-Essentials is the go to brand for all those bits and pieces you couldn't live without around the yard. Equi-Essentials has you covered with everything you need to organise your stables, keep your horse clean and your gear organised.

As the proud owner of a wannabe hippo, Glaze & Gordon understand the need for items that can help you get your chores done quickly and easily.

Last minute show prep, and reaching up behind the ears.

  • Sponge centre with medium stiff bristles
  • Soft grip that feels great in the hand



Material: Plastic


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