Glaze & Gordon Flat Grackle


Glaze & Gordon's Grackle noseband is hand crafted with superior attention to detail by experienced artisans that really care about their creations. It is made from exceptional quality leather from the Wickett & Craig Tannery in the United States, regularly voted the best tannery in the U.S.

The beautiful craftsmanship in our Grackle noseband and best of the best bridle leather is topped off with stunning solid brass buckles. It has a lovely soft sheepskin layer on the crossover to make your four-legged friend even more comfortable. G & G are confident you will not be able to match the quality and craftsmanship for a comparative price.

This noseband is available at a lower price when purchased as part of a full bridle through our Build Your Own Bridle service in the bridle section of the website.

After searching far and wide for leather we think brings the 'lux' to 'deluxe' we finally found it across the pond at family-run leather makers in the United States and Argentina. Our artisans have been working with all sorts of leather wear for over 40 years and use the best leather from their respective countries. Their vast experience gives Glaze & Gordon huge amounts of scope to add to our leatherwork range. We can also take bespoke orders; so do email us if you have specific requirements

We have always prided ourselves on buying quality, however one day one of our cheek pieces snapped at the buckle on a reputable branded bridle – its turns out the fitting wasn't even solid, and was filled with sand. This sent us on a search for new bridles, but we never found exactly what we were looking for so decided to get our own made!

These nosebands are most definitely smart enough to be worn for best, so whether you are hacking or on the road to HOYS you will look the part.

  • Leather from the Wickett & Craig Tannery
  • Solid brass buckles add to the luxury of the product.
  • Made in the USA by a family run leather maker with over 40 years of experience.
Size Head Piece (cm) Cross Strap Left with buckle (cm) Chin strap (cm)
Cob 74 42 24.5
Full 76 45 26
Extra Full 84.5 52.5 30.5

Material: Leather/Brass

Care: Use a suitable leather cleaner and conditioner.

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