Praise for Pravins

Boutique brands are what we love best at Glaze & Gordon, and you can’t get more boutique than Pravins Sellier. Pravins is a husband and wife team, set up in the heart of the Beaujolais region of France surrounded by forests and vineyards. The workshop is filled with rich textures and materials; leather, saddle oil, wool, horse hair and linen yarn to provide the couple with the inspiration to draw upon for their products. Heavenly, right?!


Not only the intimacy of the brand we love, but their stirrup leathers are to die for. Stirrup leathers are that one item you cannot afford to buy cheap, they are so necessary in every day riding and so crucial in rider stability and safety. Phillipe and Carole from Pravins have clearly thought both of these conundrums through to minute detail in developing their revolutionary wide leathers.

If you are anything like us, you go through at least 2-3 pairs a year when riding intensively because they stretch, they snap, they start to look shabby or the holes themselves stretch from never developing that longer leg that your instructor tells you is NEEDED to develop your seat…! Becs and I have been using the Pravins Leathers for over a year [UPDATE 2021: nearly 4 years now!) and not one of these problems has cropped up as yet, the leathers are still looking fabulous and have not stretched a mm (I put them to the test and measured them against a brand new pair that have never been used).

The leathers after being used regularly for a year or more.

These leathers are made from chrome-tanned leather, a chemical process rather than the more natural vegetable tanning, which makes them far more resilient to heat, water and stains. The leather is pre-stretched to try and eliminate further elongation during use. Phillipe also reiterated to us NOT to use oils, but just a glycerine-based leather soap to prevent stretching. Whilst the leathers do seem stiff to start with, they soon break in through use and now feel like they have been oiled regularly.

Now we have been using these wide leathers (4 cm wide), I personally would never go back to the more traditional width. The wide leather does not twist, and definitely doesn’t pinch on those days when putting chaps on is just too much effort, and it creates a stability for your lower leg. I felt the difference immediately when I switched, my lower leg (which does have a penchant for wandering) is now firmly in place whether I am schooling, jumping or trail hunting, which of course increases your stickability and therefore your safety.

Leading International Grand Prix Show Jumper Michel Robert was heavily involved in the production of the wide stirrup leathers

It’s not just us that LOVE these leathers, we have sent some pairs our for reviewers to try and they have come to the same conclusion. Firstly, was Holly Lenahan, who does some fantastic reviews on YouTube and always gives out handy tips for bringing out the best in your riding. 

2021 UPDATE: Secondly, Meg at Elphick Event Ponies has also reviewed the leathers several times over show jumps and cross-country. 

We know they are slightly more pricey than other stirrup leathers on the market, but I think if you find anyone that has bought a pair they will tell you that they are worth it. As with stirrups, work out the price per wear and you will be buying a bargain. The quality of the leather and craftmanship is exceptional, made by people that really know what they are doing. 

Buy your new pair of stirrup leathers here. 

I have to admit, I do love everything we sell (Becs is constantly telling me to up Gordon’s pocket money, because I keep giving her lists of the items I want!!), but these leathers are one of my top 5 for sure.

You can’t put a price on safety!

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