An Ode to The Cow Pony

This has to be one of the most emotional and simply saddest posts I have ever written - our hearts are broken on behalf of Chloe Marsh for the loss of her beautiful Bertie a.k.a The Cow Pony. We all have our horse of a lifetime and one of the things I personally fear most in the world is losing that horse, so whilst we cannot begin to imagine what Chloe is going through we can understand it. 

Chloe owned Bertie for 16 years, over half of her life, and they have accomplished the most marvellous line up of achievements over those years - including the coveted Side Saddle Rider of the Year and Side Saddle Horse of the Year in 2018. This incredible partnership were awarded all three of the adult Side Saddle Rider of the Year Awards - Novice, Intermediate AND Open. They have also toured the country appearing at country and horse shows with the side saddle display team - 'A Bit On The Side'. 

It was at one of displays by 'A Bit On The Side' at The Game Fair 2019 where we first met Chloe and The Cow Pony in person, having followed them on Facebook for several years. Chloe always comes to say hello when she is at a show and officially became one of our Brand Ambassadors last year. 

You can read Chloe's Equestrian Conversations Interview where she tells as about more of Cow Pony's remarkable achievements, his side saddle career and his super personality.

Whilst there is no denying their dazzling partnership and career together, we know to Chloe that 'Cow Pony' was simply Bertie - one of the loves of her life, and quite frankly one of a kind. The hole he has left in her life must be gaping, but we hope that time and memories help to make this a little less painful.

Chloe still has Marley, who is bravely stepping up to take on the side saddle - appropriately in Bert's saddle - to perform in the display team at the Game Fair this year, all whilst they are going from strength to strength in their eventing career.

We will be thinking of you this weekend, and remembering Bertie, as I am sure many people will be whilst watching 'A Bit on The Side'. It has been an honour to follow your journey, and marvel at your outstandingly brave days hunting - we hope the crowds are cheering and following Cow Pony wherever he wanders next.


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