U.S. Whip Wonder Whip International Jump Bat


Exceptional quality short riding crop for use when jumping.

U.S. Whip have used their prestigious workmanship and finest materials to create this very handy jumping bat. Short and sturdy, the jumping bat is for use on the horse's shoulder.

U.S. Whip is a family owned business that was established in the early 1900s in the New England region of the U.S. They strive for perfection, with each of their employees taking huge pride in their work so they produce whips of the best quality. Their reputation is upheld through innovative manufacturing processes, rigorous quality control and intentionally sourcing raw materials and components from America's finest suppliers. Glaze & Gordon are bringing this "Made in the U.S.A" product to the U.K to exhibit the fine quality and workmanship for a very reasonable price.

Whips are another item we have searched and searched for use ourselves. Our Dad bought a beautiful antique whip from an auction that we have used and used, but it is unfortunately looking a bit worse for wear now. We wanted to find the same quality without an extortionate price; no mean feat.

The perfect jumping bat. The quality of the craftmanship mean it will last, and look good for time to come. For use in the saddle, on the shoulder to train jumpers or encourage the horse to tuck in the front legs when jumping by signalling time to jump.

  • Solid, turned fibreglass rod with custom flex.
  • Double braided poly material cover.
  • Leather top glued, sewn and hand wrapped in nylon thread for durability.
  • 15" shaft.
  • 7" soft rubber handle.
  • 1" top.

15" shaft, 7" handle and 1" top.

Wipe clean.

Material –Fibreglass rod and covered with double braided poly material. Rubber handle and leather top.

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