U.S. Whip Wonder Whip Gaited Dressage Whip


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Beautiful materials and craftmanship have created this stunning dressage whip, of a quality that will last for years to come. The aristocrat of the whip world. Smart and elegant, this Wonder Whip gaited dressage whip looks and feels magnificent.

Designed with a shorter shaft than a dressage whip (for ease of use) and braided popper to guide the horse's hindquarters during schooling and competition, aiding the bend through the body of the horse rather than just the neck and to encourage the power from behind. The length of shaft means that your hands can remain on the reins even when tapping behind your leg, and very useful when teaching your horse exercises in which horses front and hind quarters move independently.

U.S. Whip is a family owned business that was established in the early 1900s in the New England region of the U.S. They strive for perfection, with each of their employees taking huge pride in their work so they produce whips of the best quality. Their reputation is upheld through innovative manufacturing processes, rigorous quality control and intentionally sourcing raw materials and components from America's finest suppliers. Glaze & Gordon are bringing this "Made in the U.S.A" product to the U.K to exhibit the fine quality and workmanship for a very reasonable price.

Whips are another item we have searched and searched for use ourselves. Our Dad bought a beautiful antique whip from an auction that we have used and used, but it is unfortunately looking a bit worse for wear now. We wanted to find the same quality without an extortionate price; no mean feat.

This dressage whip is beautiful enough for competing but not so pricey that you don't want to use it every day. The quality of the craftmanship mean it will last, and look good for time to come. This whip is not designed to correct, but to aid the horse's understanding.

  • Constructed with a fine, double-braided cover.
  • 7" hand-wrapped luxurious leather handle, available in different colours.
  • Chrome ferrule and small end cap.
  • Shaft length of 30".
  • 6" black braided popper.
  • Personal preference between this and the longer shafted dressage whip.


30" shaft, 7" handle and 6" popper.

Wipe clean.

Material – Genuine leather handle and poly material cover. Chrome fittings.



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