QHP Ear Net

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Whether you like a bright and colourful or a more subdued colour scheme; we have the ear hat for you and your horse. These ear hats provide fantastic protection to you horse from the flies, and come in a range of vibrant colours to fit in with whichever 'matchy' outfit you have on that day.

You can match them up with the fleece bandages and the puff pads to complete the look and make an impact on the crowd!

QHP was founded in 2005, with headquarters in Holland. The company produce a huge range of equestrian apparel for both horse and rider, and are constantly designing and producing new items. Known for being good quality at a very reasonable price, QHP test all their own products before they are put out to the general market and have fantastic relations with the factories they use for production. Glaze & Gordon are incredibly excited about the opportunity to showcase the brand as it quickly creates a big name for itself in the equestrian market.

Protection for you horse, and looking super smart when matched with fleece bandages and the puff pad – what other inspiration do you need?

Protection from the flies in the summer months, or just looking great all year round (and completing your 'matchy matchy' set of course)!

  • Finished with a grey and silver trim and a white cord.
  • These veils provide protection from the flies and look great.

True to size.

Care: Machine washable, line dry.

Material: Polyester/Cotton

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