Pomegranate Cashmere Mix Lumbar Pillow Cover - Hunt


Stunning limited-edition cashmere blend lumbar pillow cover from Pomegranate. Unique, stylish and luxurious - what more could you want from your new favourite pillow? 

Definitely one for a hunting and countryside enthusiast!

Pomegranate was founded in 1995 by Angela Beck, a textile designed, entrepreneur, mother and creative thinker. After many years spent travelling Angela has used inspiration from around the world to create her home textiles, apparel and accessories. Vibrant and distinctive the Pomegranate brand was created to inspire the everyday and fit into life effortlessly. Glaze & Gordon use these bags themselves and believe in the simple ethos behind the brand and the importance of surrounding yourself with unique goods rich with personality and character.

These unique and exclusive home textiles are exactly the sort of things Glaze & Gordon want to showcase, they are A Little Bit Different and we don't believe you will discover them elsewhere. A classic example of bringing the best from the U.S over to the U.K for our wonderful clientele.

Statement pillow for your living room.

  • 70% super-fine merino wool and 30% cashmere.
  • Dry clean only.
  • Insert not included.

14" x 19"

Care: Dry clean only.

Material: 70% super-fine merino wool and 30% cashmere exterior with 100% down insert.

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