Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boot Hind

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Cross country can be the toughest discipline we put our beloved horses through, so the need for ultimate protection is at its highest and these boots do not disappoint.

Once again offering both style and substance, Majyk Equipe have succeeded again with not only providing the best protection but doing so with a colour choice and all the time packing their boots with the latest technology, so much so that these boots have been worn by Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton and Lauren Kieffer during the 2016 Olympics.

Majyk Equipe was founded by dedicated riders that had worked in the research and development of top brand sports shoes for the athlete of the human kind and then applied the same core principles to the equine boot. Their aim to create quality products at affordable prices using cutting edge technology and materials, and we think they have fulfilled this perfectly. The brand was named after their beloved Dutch Warmblood mare Majyk Motion (pronounced Magic) who tragically passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer, and who remains their inspiration to date.

Our horses are precious so why not protect them to the best of our abilities, we want them to last as long as possible!

From fun rides to competing in the Olympics, these boots are the key to providing the best for your horse whilst riding cross country.

  • Conical fit which will not inhibit the horse's movement, and designed to stay in place with no turning.
  • Lightweight but super-strong constructed from a ripstop TPU with a breathable inner mesh fabric.
  • Inside the boot is a 4-way flexible TPU shield which flexes with the horse's movement but forms a hard shield on impact.
  • 2mm of ARTi-LAGE foam directly behind the TPU shield. This clever foam is soft and pliable in its normal state but able to change its molecular structure on impact to harden when struck and disperse the energy from the jolt.
  • The Elite XC hind boots have a double barrier of ARTi-LAGE and flexible TPU shield in the front of the boot, providing unrivalled protection for the cannon bones.
  • These wonderful boots also feature a bio-foam interior to keep your horse's legs cool and clean.
  • To top it all off, they are water and dust repellent with Majyk Equipe's brand new 'Forever Clean' magical breathable coating to make sure dirt, mud and debris slide off with a quick rinse.
  • Sold in pairs, for hind legs.

Generally smaller size for fronts and one size larger for hinds.

Medium/Hind: Our medium Hind boot has a Height of 11.4" (28.5CM) and a width of 12" (30CM).
Medium Hind would fit a horse with a canon bone length of 11.5" up to 12.5".
These guidelines are exactly that, "guidelines", remember every horse has a unique fit, but we feel these measurements will allow Majyk Cross Country boots to fit most horses between 15.3h to 16.3h.

Large/Hind: Our large Hind boot has a Height of 12.4" (31CM) and a width of 13.2" (33CM).
Large Hind would fit a horse with a minimum canon bone length of 12.5" and up to 14".
These guidelines are exactly that, "guidelines", remember every horse has a unique fit, but we feel these measurements will allow Majyk Cross Country boots to fit most horses between 17.h to 17.2h+.

Color Elite Series boots are coated with a special 'ForeverClean' coating. This coating helps to prevent mud and dirt from sticking to the boot, allowing it to slide off and keep the boots looking pristine for longer. Buffing or over rubbing will diminish the ForeverClean coating, so these boots should be lightly rinsed and left to air dry without towel drying. Color Elite boots will dry faster than untreated boots so they are very easy to care for. Because of the special coating it may not be necessary to wash the outside as often, but the inside foam should still be cleaned after every ride to ensure they are clear of dust and dirt particles. The ForeverClean coating is breathable and eco friendly.

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