Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Elite XC Boots Hind

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The ultimate cross country and eventing boot, designed in conjunction with Boyd Martin, a world class three-day-event champion and member of the 2012 and 1016 US Olympic Eventing Teams.

A super lightweight but super tough cross-country boot that provides as much protection as you can muster for you beloved horse – you don't need to look elsewhere when you read the full technical specification of this boot and you know it is going to be good when you have an Olympian put their name to it!

Majyk Equipe was founded by dedicated riders that had worked in the research and development of top brand sports shoes for the athlete of the human kind and then applied the same core principles to the equine boot. Their aim to create quality products at affordable prices using cutting edge technology and materials, and we think they have fulfilled this perfectly. The brand was named after their beloved Dutch Warmblood mare Majyk Motion (pronounced Magic) who tragically passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer, and who remains their inspiration to date.

Our horses are precious so why not protect them to the best of our abilities, we want them to last as long as possible!

From fun rides to competing in the Olympics, these boots are the key to providing the best for your horse whilst riding cross country.

    • Conical fit which will not inhibit the horse's movement, and designed to stay in place with no turning.
    • Lightweight but super-strong constructed from a ripstop TPU with a breathable inner mesh fabric.
    • Inside the boot is a 4-way flexible TPU shield which flexes with the horse's movement but forms a hard shield on impact.
    • 2mm of ARTi-LAGE foam directly behind the TPU shield. This clever foam is soft and pliable in its normal state but able to change its molecular structure on impact to harden when struck and disperse the energy from the jolt.
    • The Elite XC front boots have an ARTi-LAGE barrier on the front and a flexible TPU shield on the back, protecting front of the cannon bone from bruising and the back of the leg from overreaches – we told you, the ULTIMATE protection.
    • These wonderful boots also feature a bio-foam interior to keep your horse's legs cool and clean. The non-allergenic material prevents micro bacterial build up and fungus growth.
    • Made from a proprietary medical grade material, the lightweight, flexible foam is perfect for all kinds of wear. The lightly perforated material flexes with the horse while the structure of the boot contains a multi channelled strike zone designed to flex four ways to bend with the horse's movement while offering superior protection to the horse's lower leg.
    • To top it all off, they are water and dust repellent with Majyk Equipe's brand new 'Forever Clean' magical breathable coating to make sure dirt, mud and debris slide off with a quick rinse and means the boot stays dry and lightweight when wet.
    • Comes in both white and black.
    • Sold in pairs, for hind legs.

Generally smaller size for fronts and one size larger for hinds.

Medium/Hind: Our medium Hind boot has a Height of 11.4" (28.5CM) and a width of 12" (30CM).
Medium Hind would fit a horse with a canon bone length of 11.5" up to 12.5".
These guidelines are exactly that, "guidelines", remember every horse has a unique fit, but we feel these measurements will allow Majyk Cross Country boots to fit most horses between 15.3h to 16.3h.

Large/Hind: Our large Hind boot has a Height of 12.4" (31CM) and a width of 13.2" (33CM).
Large Hind would fit a horse with a minimum canon bone length of 12.5" and up to 14".
These guidelines are exactly that, "guidelines", remember every horse has a unique fit, but we feel these measurements will allow Majyk Cross Country boots to fit most horses between 17.h to 17.2h+.

We suggest wiping them down with a damp cloth after each ride. This will help prevent dust build up and will avoid having to wash them as often. From time to time, you may wish to wash your Majyk boots in gentle detergent. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. All boots should be laid out on a towel and left to air dry.?

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