Horse Armour Bit Wipes


Flavoured bit wipes to help to keep your horse's bit clean and fresh after every ride, and helps to encourage a difficult horse to take the bit.

Innovative idea to keep your bit shiny and tasting great for your equine friend. We think Horse Amour are really onto something with this product.

We like to wash our bit after every ride, but taking the bit off the bridle can be time consuming, and if you don't bother the rest of the bridle gets wet too. These wipes are the solution to the problem!

Cleaning the bit after use, or aiding acceptable from a reluctant horse. If you have difficulty worming your horse, why not use these wipes under the worming syringe to help?

  • Flavoured naturally, no added sugar or sweeteners.
  • Convenient, disposable wet wipe.
  • Handy size canister, with an easy to use flip lid that helps to keep the moisture in the wipes.
  • 40 wipes.

40 wipes.


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