Schneiders Dura-Tech® Plaiting & Banding Bag


Fantastic little bag to hold all of your plating equipment in one handy place.

This ingenious bag from Schneiders can be hung from your horses headcollar, or your belt, during plaiting to save time and effort (and plaiting bands all over the floor when you try and balance them on your horse's back)!

Schneiders is a family owned company, founded in 1948 by Milton Schneider (Dad of the current owners). The company has maintained a dedication to value, product quality, innovation, and love and commitment to the equestrian industry ever since. Schneiders is one of the leading suppliers of equestrian goods in the USA and have drawn upon their experience, knowledge and up to date technology to create their own ranges of products too.

Please note: Contents not included.


Jumping on the stool to plait, off the stool to fetch a band, back on the stool all whilst holding the comb between your legs and the scissors balancing precariously on your horse's back, any moment will fall into the lovely deep straw bed you have just made... sound familiar?


Clipping onto your horse's headcollar (or your belt if they won't tolerate it) so you can happily plait away to your hearts content.


  • 420 denier nylon outer, with a Velcro closure.
  • 2 outer pockets for tools
  • Padded inside pocket for bands.
  • Available in back and navy.


7" high x 6.5" wide

Material: Nylon

Care: Wipe the surface of the nylon with a soapy wet cloth. Wiping the bag gently will remove most debris. For stubborn stains, apply gentle pressure and rub until the mark disappears. If you still can't get rid of a stain, scrub it with a damp stiff-bristled brush.

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